Top Celebrity Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is a type of charge leveled against those accused of physically abusing a loved one. It can also refer to emotional abuse or sexual abuse. Though some think that domestic violence only occurs between married couples, it can also involve couples dating each other. When you face a charge from a loved one, you may feel alone. The top celebrity domestic violence cases though show that you are far from alone. Many of these men and women received lower sentences or had their cases thrown out of court. With the help of an Alameda County domestic violence attorney, you may get out from underneath your charge too.

Johnny Depp

Star of “The Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise and other hit films, Johnny Depp is something of a household name. After ending a long-term relationship with the mother of his children, he began seeing actress Amber Heard and later married her. When the two filed for divorce, Heard accused Depp of domestic violence and showed the court bruises that he supposedly inflicted. Depp and his publicists later claimed Heard wanted more money from him, which led to debates in the public about what actually happened between them. Depp escaped criminal charges and donated money to a charity relating to domestic violence.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts appeared on the hit television series “Scream Queens” and in a number of films, but fans also know that she faced domestic violence charges in the past. While in Canada with her boyfriend, actor Evan Peters, someone called the police after hearing an argument between the two. Police arrested Roberts and charged her with violence against Peters because of injuries he displayed. When Peters refused to press charges, police released Roberts and cited lack of evidence in the case. The couple later announced their engagement.

Sean Penn

Actor Sean Penn married singer Madonna in 1985, but it didn’t take long before he displayed a violent streak, which culminated in a jail sentence for attacking a reporter. The press claimed that Penn frequently attacked his own wife and that he once tied her to a chair and refused to let her leave. Madonna never pressed charges against Penn and later claimed the assaults never happened. The two even appeared at a charity event in 2016 and joked about their former marriage. With the right lawyer defending you on domestic violence charges, you might be as luck as some of these celebrities were.